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While women could pursue any course of study, many specialized in Marion Talbot's Talbot had previously taught courses on germ theory and dietetics at Wellesley College. chemistry, physiology, bacteriology, political economy, and sociology. Despite the department's success, home economics at Chicago faced.
The course introduces students to the sociological imagination, or "the quality of but may include: socialization, suburbanization and housing, culture, race, . Students do not need a background in economics or sociology for this course.
butions which the various SubjectS such as Anthropology, Economics,. Geography, History, Political Science, Sociology, and Social Psychol- ogy make in . Course themes include: The optimist and pessimist models, property rights, exter-.

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Peer Assisted Study Sessions PASS. Students take course work specific to their specialization, take teacher education courses, and gain first-hand classroom experience. Academic Advisement Curriculum Checksheets. Canvas, WebAdvisor, Email, Wi-Fi. Social Sciences Counselor Appointments. Geography courses introduce students to the discipline of cultural geography, using geographic tools such as maps and concepts to understand processes of globalization. Courses examine human needs, including drug and alcohol rehabilitation, child and spousal abuse, medical social services, care of the mentally retarded, community mental health, school social services, and corrections.

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Electives in the social sciences, including Economics, Psychology, and Sociology. Writing and Reading Center. Federal Direct Stafford Loans. Strategic Plan Goals and Objectives. Library and Student Learning Support Services. Buy A Book Service. Sociology home economics college subjects
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