Economics the easiest majors

Slackers wanting to earn the country's easiest college major, should earned by students in 12 other majors including biology, economics.
Here goes: Econ is the highest-paid of all the easy majors. disappointed by the job prospects with my big state university economics degree.
5 Best and Worst College Majors for Top Grades. Kevin Rask, an economics professor at Wake Forest, drew that conclusion after reviewing. Economics the easiest majors

Economics the easiest majors - debate

Do the students, who are brave enough to wrestle with organic chemistry and multivariable calculus , need to be crushed at exam time? They are so bad, for some reason, they can't grasp these concepts that come "naturally" to me. I would choose McDonalds over the sell-side. They have zero real world skills, but God they work hard. For me it doesn't matter where I draw my knowledge from, it could be from a Child Development class or Harvard's infamous Math allhil.infoant point is WTH did you learn? Contact us You are seeing the beta version of Leave feedback Need assistance with your subscription? I really think you have majors that are quantitative or not quantitative.... For the record even the most difficult economics programs still get laughed at by the mathematics departments at their respective schools. I personally enjoyed the critical thinking and logic of math courses, but from liberal arts requirements in philosophy and writing saw the frustrating side of those subject areas could never imagine having been a philosophy major, would probably choke in frustration at the useless crap no offense. To me, accounting: biology::finance:physics. Yet people in Economics the easiest majors class FAILED. But on the other hand, one could also load up on the easier econ electives such as international development. Sign Up For Free. Is an Economics Major Worth It?
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