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The total number of courses required for the Astrophysics major, an interdisciplinary major, is eleven. Students entering with Advanced Placement in physics.
The University of Maryland at College Park offers an undergraduate Bachelor of Science degree in Astronomy as well as a series of courses of.
Check out our guide to astronomy degrees, specializations and careers. is expected, but you should be able to demonstrate a strong interest in the subject. Origin of the Universe: The Big Bang Astronomy subjects to major in college

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A total of thirty Astronomy courses are open to majors. Astronomy draws from, and contributes to, many other subjects: primarily physics but also geology, atmospheric and environmental science, biology, and even philosophy. Prerequisites for the B. Our graduates are employed by universities, NASA, federal observatories and laboratories, planetariums, and aerospace and computer corporations, or have gone into professions such as medicine, law, the military, business, science writing, and science education. Dynamics and evolution of the ISM, including interactions between stars and interstellar matter. Evening laboratory hours required. Observations of planets, stars, and galaxies using on-campus facilities and remote observing with Yale's research telescopes. Use of the Python programming language. Study of the formation, evolution, and history of Earth, its solar system, and its role in a larger cosmic context. Astronomy is a quantitative physical science that applies physics, mathematics, and statistical analysis to observing, describing, and modeling the universe. Download PDF of this page. Beyond the prerequisites, twelve term courses are required in astronomy, physics, and mathematics. Minors should contact the Minors Advisor, Shane Davis.

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A senior thesis is required. Active faculty research programs keep classroom teaching up-to-date and are an integral part of tutorial and senior thesis projects. For requirements applicable to students in earlier classes, click here. Close contact with the faculty is part of the learning environment. Students get to know each other well and often work together.
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