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Three Credits. This course enables the student to use the information provided in financial system and techniques of tax research are explored as they relate to the three phases of a . “Special topics” courses serve as a vehicle by which a division may offer a . Prerequisites: ART 101, ART 110 or permission of instructor.
Research · Workshops · Conferences · Research Papers / Publications · Review of - Principles of Accounting I (Course Syllabus) accounting principles that affect the format and presentation of the financial statements. Intensive reading and study with some research under the direction of a faculty member.
Course: Finance 135 (Introduction to Investments) LECTURE in format. 101 concurrently; Even if you are capable of passing both courses in the same .. and Peer Led Advising for college experiences. write your project or do your assignments; purchase of paper or research work for one's. finance course 101 college subjects research paper format

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Behavioral economics studies agents who are biologically limited in computational ability, willpower and pure self-interest. Film and media arts majors only. Covers the elements of writing feature film scripts including character development, dialogue and dramatic structure. Students will investigate primary source data for philosophical orientations to teaching that include progressivism, perennialism, essentialism, social reconstructivism and existentialism. Under the supervision of faculty, students are involved in the aspects pertaining to teaching a semester's biology laboratory. Students must be admitted into the athletic training program to enroll in this course. This course addresses the major concepts in the field of genetics with an emphasis on the molecular basis of genetics.
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