Pharmacy how to do a research work

Pharmacists can be found in a variety of settings, ranging from drug stores and .. Their research frequently informs the work of pharmaceutical organizations.
In today's uncertain economy, getting a degree in Pharmacy provides a university student interested in biology with many opportunities. Students can work in a.
University of Arizona College of Pharmacy must complete a research project Learn more facts about the Class of 2014 students' work here. Pharmacy how to do a research work Cathy Geeson Corresponding Author Cathy Geeson is a clinical research fellow of the National Institute for Health Research at Luton and Dunstable University Hospital. The right choice can give us not just a source of a paycheck, but also an opportunity for advancement and academic satisfaction. Many colleges and universities across the United States offer great schooling to be part of this profession. The Development of Cimetidine as Treatment for Peptic Ulcers. For example, in the UK, the Medical Research Council funds basic or invention research whereas the National Institute for Health Research NIHR focuses on applied, evaluative and clinical research. Plain English summary You may be required to provide a brief summary of your research, written in language that members of the public should understand, so it is worth getting this reviewed as part of your PPI. As my ambition was to get a professional career in the medical field, I chose two professions in the healthcare sector.
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