Zoology law foundation courses

Our foundation programmes are designed for talents students who do not meet the entry criteria for Business, Law and Social Sciences (International).
Majors in biology are provided the basic foundation for pursuing a career in . areas, including law ; Masters of Science degrees are good for industrial positions.
Loading, please wait. No. of courses : Search Criteria. Note: When no criteria are selected clicking search will return all courses. Our graduates usually score in the upper third in the nation on the advanced biology section of the Graduate Record Exam required for graduate study. The foundation year provided me with everything I needed and more, to make sure I had the ability and confidence to enter the first year Being about to embark on a PhD graduate course, I have become very conscious of how important the foundation year has been to make this possible I feel more prepared than an A level student for the first year of my degree. Global Opportunities Visiting and Exchange Information for staff and visitors Global Current students Contact Us. Students have many opportunities for internships through faculty connections with organizations such as the U. Molecular—cellular and microbial biology deals with the molecular basis of life processes and with the structure and function of the basic unit of life, the cell. Students who are with us for five or six terms will typically study up to four A Levels, Zoology law foundation courses.

Zoology law foundation courses - metropolitan

What our students say. Please refresh your browser or click. You are using an outdated browser. Brighton is a forward-thinking modern city by the sea. Possible elective course titles include mammalogy, ichthyology, comparative anatomy, entomology, amphibian and reptile biology, insect biology, marine ecology, paleobiology, embryology, immunology, virology, developmental biology, field biology, parasitology, and special topics in zoology or biology. Satisfactory completion of secondary or high school education.
Zoology law foundation courses
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