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What you study in college affects your salary more than where you go. So choose wisely! PayScale ranks the highest-paying bachelor's degree majors.
Mid-career salary: (median for all 215 majors: . Also, furthering your education and investing more in a law degree may not.
Check out the best college majors for a lucrative career. EMSI collects data from more than 90 federal, state and private sources, including the U.S. Bureau of.
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A computer science degree makes you a viable candidate for a torrent of tech jobs, including software developer, systems analyst and network administrator. While the demand for engineers may not be as high as mathematics, they are needed in a wide range of industries and command a strong salary. While a business degree can span a broad spectrum of topics, many companies across the country are looking for these types of professionals. Computer and data research scientists solve complex problems in computing. Want to earn the big bucks?

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BOOK OF MAJORS 2017 MODEL REPORT WRITING FREE EXAMPLE Hero Images Getty Images. Master the mathematical foundation of the world around us, and you can find a job practically anywhere. Data architects create information and technology road maps for a company. All levels of U. Plus, as the space race revs up again, hiring expands beyond space agencies to private companies that are getting into the game, such as SpaceX and Virgin Galactic. The Filthy Rich Guide. RATE SEARCH: Shop FHA-approved lenders today.
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