Finance best major for college

Interested in a graduate program in finance? Find the top ranked finance programs in business schools at US News.
The list, titled The Best U.S. Colleges for Business Majors, comes from NerdWallet, a six-year-old personal finance site based in San Francisco.
But's " Best Undergrad College Degrees By Salary" report shows that other majors can lead to lucrative careers, as well. Following are 10 of the. 7 Courses Finance Students Should Take The Banking and Finance Department has garnered national attention for its reputable faculty and wide array of course offerings in nearly every area of applied finance and advanced theory. It is also a stepping-stone to the one-year Master of Science in Accountancy MSA degree. Flexible MBA programs and a PhD program are available beyond the undergraduate level. THE LOWDOWN FROM COLLEGE FACTUAL. RATE SEARCH: Shop today for the best in money market accounts.
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