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Entry Level Job Guide for Sociology Majors social sciences, sociology majors build a strong foundation of skills in research & analysis. the strengths of sociology majors to communicate both in speaking and in writing.
Albert J. Beveridge Grant · Michael Kraus Research Grant · Littleton-Griswold .. What can you do with an undergraduate degree in history? Here is a brief list of the career opportunities available to the undergraduate This list is based on a very useful pamphlet, Careers for Students of History, written by Barbara J.
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Communication and Media Studies. American Literature United States. Catalan Language and Literature. Veterinary Toxicology and Pharmacology. Note: Many of these career paths and professions may require additional degrees and training, beyond an undergraduate degree. Computer Technology and IT. These are just some career choices for economics majors, according to the University of Wisconsin's Department of Economics : Economists can also find careers in the health care industry, and they make outstanding entrepreneurs, too, as their skills and education give them a solid foundation for starting their own business. Law Enforcement Record-Keeping and Evidence Management. Foreign Languages and Literatures. The MA has an academic focus on literature, but does offer concentrations in writing, including creative writing and is a stepping stone to a PhD. You could go on to earn your doctorate and become a licensed psychologist or therapist — but many psych majors take their skills and apply them to other careers where understanding people is essential to success, career major list write term. career major list write term
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