Archaeology what subject to study

Our reasons to study Archaeology are sure to leave you with an appetite for the University of Glasgow runs a Archaeology and English Literature course.
Thinking of studying an archeology degree? physical remnants of people of the past, archaeology courses straddle the humanities and social sciences to look.
Questions from students about careers and other aspects of archaeology, from the Archaeologists requires post-graduate study (an MA or MS) in anthropology, as well as of a number of Public Archaeology College and University Courses.

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In addition, the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology and the Fitzwilliam Museum provide access to extensive collections of primary sources of world importance. We also consider other BALEAP accredited pre-sessional courses:. Enrollment limited to freshmen. Decisions Feedback on admissions decisions. Collecting artifacts on private property is not against the law if you have permission of the landowner. Independent research, directed readings, or honors thesis hours may be substituted for the elective chosen from the course offerings. Biological Anthropology subject overview. Archaeology and Anthropology at Oxford University This is true for some jobs in federal and state government, museums, parks and historic sites—jobs that involve managing collections or public programs or education. Transfers from another University to the University of Glasgow will only be considered under the following circumstances: We want to help talented applicants from all backgrounds to study at Glasgow. Open Days Cambridge Open Days Open Days FAQ. Where do archaeologists work? Events and open days.
Archaeology what subject to study
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