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College athletes, in particular, are exposed to scouts, agents and coaches and Not surprisingly, California and New York are near the top of the list in These statistics show that the job prospects are good for individuals.
“The benefit of a sport management degree is that it provides the .. can you plz suggest me some best institute.. about sports management.
Graduates of sports management programs handle the business end of sports. From sports agents and scouts, to head coaches, athletic directors and facility.

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Sports Events Planning : You can be part of the planning team for sporting events. What is the job growth for the field? Latest articles from our blog. MS in Sports Mgmt.. The Kinesiology Department at Aquinas College offers a dual major in business administration and sport management. Thomas University Bobcats compete in baseball, basketball, cross country, dance, golf, soccer, softball, tennis, and volleyball. The curriculum covers diverse topics such as the fundamentals of accounting, business law, principles of marketing, human resources management, and the psychosocial dimension of kinesiology.

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There is also a stand-alone MS in Sport Management program available. Competitive candidates for some of these positions will need backgrounds or education in business and finance, law and marketing. Business Managers and Talent Agents Career Outlook. Through its College of Business, Ferris State University offers Bachelor of Science degrees in PGA golf management and professional tennis management. There is a dual degree option available for Master of Business Administration students who wish to earn an MS in Sport and Entertainment degree at the same time. If you are lucky, your blog could even be bought by a major organization, just as River Ave Blues was bought by YES Network. This is one year less than it would take to pursue each degree separately. Most employees should also understand sports law, Sports Management top college prospects, event management and how to understand the publicity world. Make the most of whatever opportunity you get…. A high school diploma or GED is required to apply. Whether you aspire to be a facilities coordinator, an athletic business manager, or a sports agent, seeking a degree in sports management will be your first step toward your new career.
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