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3 If this course satisfies a Flexible Core area, free elective credits may be taken. Note: at least two courses must be taken from a list designated as “writing.
The Major: Dietetics is the application of knowledge about food and nutrition to . Students will select 9 credits in supporting elective courses, including BUS.
For first year students, FSHN 150, Introduction to Dietetics, will educate them on what Also see → Dietetic Targeted Electives, Study Abroad Course Sequence. Nutrition & Dietitian Careers : Becoming a Dietitian

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Dietetics electives subjects in college For contact information, please visit the Sargent College website. We use the following access keys on our gateway. Jobs are available for Registered Dietitians in hospitals, government agencies, community health services, medical clinic, health maintenance organizations, and long-term care and food service facilities. Fellowship in Orthopaedic Child Care best bachelor degrees 2017 Physical Therapy. Each program of study provides students with skills to attain competence in a specialized field and a foundation of general knowledge, Dietetics electives subjects in college. Opportunities are provided for students to engage in critical thinking and creative endeavors in an atmosphere of intellectual inquiry. Food Science Food Science Curriculum.
This is a sample curriculum for a B. Food Science Food Science Curriculum. Find us on Facebook. Human Nutrition Human Nutrition Curriculum. Scheduling these classes is your responsibility.

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The goals of the BUDPD are to prepare graduates to enter a dietetic internship, a graduate program, or the job market, and to encourage students to engage in lifelong learning. For course descriptions, see the University Catalog. The Department of Nutrition and Food Science offers undergraduate curricula in the following areas: This curriculum is designed for students who seek employment in industries relating to food processing, manufacturing and quality control of food products, research and development, teaching of nutrition and food science, and work in public health and regulatory agencies. The Hunter College Campus Schools are devoted to the education of gifted students who reside in New York City. The mission of the BUDPD is to teach and apply knowledge in food, nutrition, and dietetics. Individual programs are recognized and accredited by their national bodies. Dietetics electives subjects in college
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