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The Master of Science in Engineering Management (MSE) is designed for professionals with a College of General Studies This is for adult students who are interested in taking evening or weekend classes at an accelerated pace.
The Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering Management equips management disciplinary studies and technical electives, as well as general education. High school mathematics courses should include algebra, plane geometry Appendices-Admission regarding rules and regulations as to earned college credit.
MS Engineering Management is basically a ten- course program, including nine Specific information about the College of Engineering can be found at.

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Paradise Valley Community College. Requirements for Admission to the Program. Tohono O'odham Community College. Thesis or Non-Thesis Option. Stay connected with UNO through our social media channels. Check out the student calendar for academic dates.. Transfer students are strongly encouraged to use this site for reference only and not for self-advising. A knowledge of contemporary issues. A Member of the UL System. Non-engineering electives offered by the College of Business are also acceptable. General Education requirements for specific majors can be found in the University Catalog under degree requirements for each major. Learn more about the Graduate School at UNO. Learn why UNO is a great investment. Engineering Management general subjects in college
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