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The thought of choosing a major is enough to give even the most confident student a bout of anxiety. Which Majors Have the Highest Employment Rate?.
But graduates with a degree in petroleum engineering, the highest -paying major, earned a whopping That's five times the.
It is the dream of most sports fans to hit the major leagues one day, or to hear their name called at the NBA draft. For most of us, however, this is only a dream.

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So, I pushed myself to keep working and to keep folding one crane at a time. Each professional pathway will be unique as far as these three priorities are concerned. As an English major, you will develop a core set of competencies which can be readily applied in the work world. This article comes from The USA TODAY College partner network. Others focus less on salaries and more on launching a fun, meaningful in a career that interests and engages them while some choose to earn an advanced degree after graduation. My art teacher loaned me a piece of origami paper and, armed with an online tutorial, my quest began. top 10 best majors essay Some students earn credit through professional experience by sitting for exams that test subject-related competencies. Business and communications classes can help, too, since many employers prefer high-tech workers with business skills and communication capabilities on top of standard tech savvy. Others lean toward Perceiving Por keeping an open mind when it comes to information and experiences, top 10 best majors essay. A study by the National Survey of Student Engagement recently calculated the weekly workload of some of the most popular major fields. Calling all computer science majors: jobs are waiting for you. I had been witness to my grandpa, reduced to flesh and bones but hardly any fleshbarely clinging to life in a maggot-infested hospital in Dengzhou—something I had forced myself to forget. While these professionals among our best jobs for the future have done well with other tech-related bachelor's degrees, such as computer science or programming, employers are frequently seeking out job candidates with this particular expertise.
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