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The UO Counseling Psychology (CPSY) PhD program in the College of See courses offered in the Counseling Psychology and Human Services department.
The Ph.D. degree in counseling psychology is designed for students who want She received her B.S. in Psychology from the University of Georgia and her M.S. . teach entry-level career development and diversity undergraduate courses.
The Counseling Psychology program at the University of Minnesota recognizes The Department of Psychology provides courses for a broad background in. Honing a solid set of essential skills makes for an effective, successful mental health practitioner. Elise works with Dr. Sara earned her B. No, students accepted into the program must be enrolled full-time. Their research interests are broad, including family and marriage therapy, sports psychology, leadership and group dynamics, substance abuse prevention, career counseling, and the specialized psychological needs of different ethnic and cultural groups. Our faculty are passionate about their work and invested in strong mentorship. Students also have the opportunity to work with an active research team and develop their writing and research skills.

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Tuition and Financial Aid. APA accreditation allows Counseling Psychology graduates to be eligible for the licensure exam Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology EPPP upon completion of their degree, though licensure eligibility varies by state. As part of our program, students compete very well for internships. The number of students accepted varies by faculty needs and funding availability. Office of Field Placements. Office of The President. The greater-Atlanta area provides an array of training opportunities where students are able to achieve their training goals and gain expertise in working with diverse populations.

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As part of our APA accreditation process, we also provide information on student admissions, outcomes, and other data. Tuition and Financial Aid. Contact Us Online Programs Work at Lesley Communications Support Lesley Policies. Wanting to take a course in counseling psychology, but you're not in the program? She received her B. If you have further questions after reading this web site, please contact our Academic Coordinator at cpsy Can I be enrolled part-time?
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