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Administrative Assistant responsibilities include making travel and meeting additional qualification as an Administrative assistant or Secretary will be a plus.
The P&S Administrative Assistant will report to the Executive Our work includes direct services, grant making and policy advocacy work.
How do you find and hire the best administrative assistant? Successful candidates will have excellent customer service and must be outcome-oriented. conscientious and detail oriented individual who enjoys making a.

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As a secretary or administrative assistant, you could be working anywhere: corporate settings, government agencies, legal and medical offices, schools, hospitals, you name it. Jessica Bennett, Executive Assistant to Shawn Boyer the CEO of Snagajob says this about her job: "I assist the CEO in managing his daily activities, from monitoring his calendar to performing administrative duties, as well as working to manage basic office needs, working with the marketing department to plan conferences and seminars and assisting Snaggers with whatever they may need. The accepted wisdom is that this is the perfect time to take on more responsibility, perhaps developing the project management and supervisory aspects of the role. Jobs in New York. Career paths for administrative assistants. If the tippity tap of keyboards is music to your ears, then you've got a future as an administrative assistant. Browse jobs by Sector. Experienced admins will move into more advanced administrative positions with more responsibilities, such as office manager jobs. See all job descriptions Thank you! As the 'eyes and ears of a company', administrative professionals handle the day to day administration for an individual, network or team. Browse jobs by Location Location. Administrative Assistant will making service Secrets of the Administrative Assistant
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