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Ion Aircraft – Ion Aircraft is developing a line of light, . myself for buying such a costly battery, however it has been one of my best decisions. Install took a little TLC by bending some loop connectors but battery [ ].
Betty's TLC - A great aircraft polish. is keeping the cosmetic appearance of planes slick, shiny, and looking their best. Betty just happened to be in my hanger polishing another plane. I ended up buying a bottle of her special polish.

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Betty cares so much about doing a great job, that she has formulated her own. EarthX is proud to announce that UL Power Engines now endorse and recommend the aircraft specific EarthX brand for use with their engines and join Rotax Engines, Viking Engines, and Aerovee Engines. This company has a firm grasp of this and I thank you! A common question is can you wire the batteries in series or parallel with a lead acid battery? Please make sure your schedule lines up with the in store schedule.
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