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The B.M. music therapy degree at Nazareth College studies the impact of and rhythm on children and adults with physical, communication, emotional, and cognitive disabilities. I see music therapy making a real difference in my patients.
Music Therapy Degrees Offered: Post-baccalaureate Certification in Music Therapy Music therapists find employment in many different settings, including behavioral of music therapy ; to engage in intellectual inquiry and communication ;.
The music therapy major will learn and interpret codes of ethical practice a current music therapy textbook; Demonstrated ability to communicate ideas clearly.

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As a college music therapy major, you will take lessons to bring your level of proficiency up to what will be needed to pass the exams. Might I need to take specific classes only? Under this program, the student completes only the required coursework necessary to satisfy professional competencies in music therapy without necessarily earning a second baccalaureate degree. Yes, you can transfer credits. Link to the Federal Department of Education financial aid disclosure for the Music Therapy Certificate Program. Florida State University College of Music. Recent guest clinicians have included: Clive Robbins, Clare O'Callaghan Australia , and Elaine Streeter Great Britain. Note that you will need to pass proficiency exams on guitar, voice, and keyboards as part of the process for becoming a music therapist. Previously I have taken private guitar lessons, and I was required to take group piano one and two for my major. Familiarize yourself with the American Music Therapy Association linked in all of the articles. Take the time to figure out what that means for you and create your own list of criteria. Top Federal Advocacy Priorities - for members. Thanks for your inquiry about studying music therapy.
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