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As one of the leading engineering schools in the world, the College of Engineering attracts the best and brightest students from across the state, the nation and.
More than twenty five major specialties are recognized in the fields of engineering, computing, and engineering technology. In most countries, degrees in these fields are accredited to ensure that the programs provide students with a top notch education. Select a degree field from.
There are 14 majors in the College of Engineering. Each major has its own set of core requirements that must be taken after students have completed the. Engineering it majors

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Systems Engineers from Illinois are positioned to pursue a wide variety of graduate programs, practice engineering, or take on other professions such as consulting, management, and administration. Structural engineering is a specific branch of civil engineering, and specializes in the design of different structures, including houses, commercial buildings, art museums, stores, and more. Apply Now Accept Your Offer When you apply to Engineering at Illinois, you must apply to a specific engineering major. Facebook Twitter YouTube Instagram. Undergraduate Student Application Undergraduates apply through the U of I Office of Admissions. This includes: Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Electrical, Fire protection, Lighting, Plumbing and other systems specific to the the project. Engineering technology is a more practical, hands-on course of study compared to other engineering majors.
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