Information Systems yale college undergraduate majors

Undergraduate Admissions Information about the Yale College application and course information can be found on the online Yale College Programs of Study. The Student Information Systems (SIS) website provides students with a.
General Information CPSC 201 surveys the field of computer science, including systems (computers and their of the Bachelor's and Master's Degrees " in Section K, Special Arrangements, in the Academic Regulations. Candidates must satisfy the Yale College requirements for the B.S. degree in Computer Science.
The distinctions between these majors reflect the types of biological systems analysis each For information on the major requirements, course offerings, and. 1. Course Introduction and Newtonian Mechanics Information Systems yale college undergraduate majors The electives give students great flexibility in tailoring the program to specialize in particular areas of computer science or to broaden their knowledge in a variety of areas. The core courses are supplemented by electives and, for the combined majors, core courses in the other discipline that offer great flexibility in tailoring a program to each student's interests. History of Science, Medicine, and Public Health. All of these programs are built around a common core of five computer science courses. A study of randomized algorithms from several areas: graph algorithms, algorithms in algebra, approximate counting, probabilistically checkable proofs, and matrix algorithms.
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