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They must not buy or sell archaeological artifacts. . This act recognizes the rights of Native American individuals and tribes, and Native Hawaiian organizations. A"truth-in-advertising" law that prohibits misrepresentation in the marketing of Indian arts and crafts products within the United States. Do the Elgin Marbles belong in Athens? Whom else would you negotiate partage with? They recognize that some archaeology is useful to them if applied using their rules. In addition, Indian activists were paid by the state to monitor the excavation and to censor "objectionable" photographs or data appearing in the final report. About Us For the Media eNews Archaeology buying online rights Institute. We'll be able to get a much better idea of how many pits there are. Archaeology buying online rights 25 Most Intense Archaeological Discoveries In Human History

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The cultural and archaeological resources of the North American continent include religious, spiritual, historic, scientific, and artistic components of Native American culture. Millions of dollars have now been spent to inventory collections, including those containing items thousands of years old, and to add a corps of bureaucrats to interpret and administer the legislation. Archaeologists often claim to speak for past peoples, however remote. He usually has little difficulty conducting his research and he learns a great deal more in the process by sharing his study with aborigines. Repatriation also raises other issues. Zimmerman, an archaeologist now at the University of Iowa. Sorry, we just need to make sure you're not a robot.

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But now, academic and legal professionals are starting to take notice. So it's not perfect. One of the more prominent participants in this debate is the director of the Art Institute of Chicago, James Cuno, who argued in a recent book that stewardship and broad access should take priority over legal ownership, given that most countries claiming objects—Greece, Egypt, India, for example—are recent creations. It may therefore be questioned whether the repatriation movement is not a massive invasion of the freedom of scholarly and scientific disciplines to define their own goals and chart their own course. Seidemann, who is an attorney at the Louisiana Department of Justice, agrees that the laws are too protean and complicated for sellers to keep track of.

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