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UCL (University College London) The US is the best -represented country in the archaeology ranking, with 21 entries. Outside of the top.
I have compiled several lists in order to help you determine the top colleges and universities with the best graduate programs for archaeology.
Generally, an archaeology bachelor's degree program prepares students to work in a lab or Best Schools with Cultural Anthropology Graduate Programs.

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Stony Brook University Stony Brook Public. Share this information with a professional archaeologist. Tattoos and Body Art. Georgetown University Washington Private. CRM companies are responsible for archaeology that is done to comply with federal historic preservation laws that protect archaeological sites. Yale University New Haven Private. University of Wisconsin— Madison. Archaeology best college degrees

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Princeton University Princeton Public. Tell us who you are. Fordham University Bronx Private. It is best to leave the artifact where you found it -- but record as much information as possible: a description of the artifact and its location. The US Forest Service has a volunteer program that includes archaeology. Instruction in Archeology includes archeological theory, field methods, dating methods, conservation and museum studies, cultural and physical evolution, and the study of specific selected past cultures.
Scholarships, Internships, and Grants for Archaeology And Anthropology Students. Also look at what opportunities for field work and lab work may be available. Stony Brook University Stony Brook Public. Employee Training and Development Specialists. You can also read the descriptions of a number of Public Archaeology College and University Courses. How much money do archaeologists make? University of Texas - Austin Austin Public. Anthropology and Archaeology career advice from Ruth
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