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This program is approved by the Washington State Department of Health as a Nursing Assistant Training program and also approved by the Washington State.
Learn hands-on to assist patients with day-to-day tasks and support the health care team as a certified nursing assistant or nurse aide.
Learn about CNA training, classes and courses offered by the American Red Cross. Find a course near you and get trained as a Certified Nurse Assistant. ‎ CNA Training · ‎ CNA Preparation · ‎ School Programs. Select a state below for more information about employment and job growth for teachers. Designed by Elegant Themes Powered by WordPress Program outcomes vary according to each institution's specific curriculum and employment opportunities are not guaranteed, Nursing Assistant degree cource. Students will learn if they passed or failed on the same day they complete the examination. As the field of health care experiences record growth in response to an aging population and increased access to coverage, more and more certified nurse assistants are finding steady and rewarding employment in acute care and long-term care settings. Upon successful completion of the course students will qualify to take the State Competency Test to be a Certified Nurse Assistant CNA. This is broken into contact hours and Nursing Assistant degree cource practice. The NA graduate armed with the proper education and training will be capable of providing nursing care under the supervision and delegation of a licensed professional nurse.

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After reviewing the varied types of institutions offering CNA training programs, prospective students can use the search tool below to identify programs that meet their needs for flexibility, student support, location, and faculty experience. For instance, as breakfast is going on, you may be called to change bedsheets. Find out what kind of training programs are available. In many cases, graduates can work up to four months without certification while waiting to take the exam. Most states will provide a list of approved programs and you should always check how long the program is approved for. Those who succeed measure their success from the sense of personal fulfillment gained from combining their innate qualities with practical training.