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I am reading papers and checking out ideas at this stage, to. It would bu great if anyone could help by directing me to recent research topics.
Until quite recently it was physics based simulation and GPUs. But I don't think this is They are good indicators. What are some active research areas in computer graphics? A sample research paper is available at.
Research Seminar - CSE 656 selected current research topics in the fields of computer vision and computer graphics. We will analyze one paper per class.

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Our framework utilizes the integrated front facing camera of mobile devices to estimate the relative pose of multiple mobile screens arbitrarily placed on a table. In this paper, we explore large ray packet algorithms for acceleration structure traversal and frustum culling in the context of Whitted ray tracing, and examine how these... When the errors of this approximation grow too large, the per-element rotations are selectively corrected by updating parts of the matrix chosen according to locally measured errors. We expect students to actively engage in discussions for further understanding of the presented material. Ambient occlusion and directional spherical harmonic occlusion have become a staple of production rendering because they capture many visually important qualities of global illumination while being reusable across multiple artistic lighting iterations. Traditionally, remeshing algorithms where focused on improving the local mesh characteristics, i. Please subscribe to it.
Any thought and suggestions about that? Our main contribution is. Our algorithm generates cracks from a stress field. We derive precise topological classes up to which the surface may be determined and specify exact priors for a full geometric reconstruction. Usually, this means that content has to be selected from the two representative papers, and it will often not be possible to discuss all results presented therein. Computer Graphics good term paper topic
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