Hotel and Hospitality Management best majors in college

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5, Rosen College of Hospitality Management, University of Central . World's Best Schools For Online MBA Programs, 2017 -.
If you study hospitality management, you'll prepare to follow in his footsteps. Hospitality majors learn to run hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, and other. State of School: Washington, D. Oklahoma State University is one of a very small number of schools providing a hotel laboratory on campus. The University of Houston, located in one of the largest cities in the United States, provides hospitality students a wide variety of internship and job opportunities. Undergraduate Certificate: A popular and less expensive alternative to the AAS degree. Image Source Housed under the School of Hospitality Leadership, the hospitality management program offers a wide range of opportunities including career opportunities as management trainees, events and conventions specialist while studying the industry. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Located in Philadelphia, the school has direct access to prominent sports teams and organizations, restaurants, hotels, casinos as well as food companies. All students are required to take a practice credit requirement. Hotel and Hospitality Management best majors in college
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