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I got a D in college algebra, which was the lowest math class my .. Yeah writing 100 pages papers in a 101 level course is what made the.
A required course at my college: Electromagnetism reading code and telling someone else what it does/means, rather than writing it myself.
Unless you're a writing major this sounds dumb and unnecessary. How do you write that much about a topic and not run out of ideas? maybe pages, double spaced, and it wasn't at all difficult to reach that length.

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Hardest college subjects reddit write written Even higher performing students from lower income areas struggle a bit. I talked to her because I am concerned about exactly what you said in regards to the "scaffolding". Staying awake and no breakfast. Basically the whole class was us reading The Logic of Scientific Discovery and The Structure of Scientific Revolutions, and then applying the ideas to real-world scientific scenarios. Askreddit is not your soapbox, personal army, or advertising platform. Suddenly you're pretty much on your own and even though college students like to think of themselves as totally mature adults, they're often not - out of nowhere people have no guidance, no idea how to do basic things e. Fuck, I just did not get that Bookkeeping write to college.
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I'm afraid if I get into MIT I got deferred EA my family won't understand if I don't get good grades. My notes are a mess. Writing skills are important in nearly every profession. He felt sorry for because I'd "done so well" all semester, and had actually nudged the final grade up from the D that it should have been. I don't mind the speeches and stuff but I can't stand my professor. hardest college subjects reddit write written

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I memorized like mad but without that basic understanding I eventually failed the course. Edit: Will post some questions from my calc exam when I get it back hopefully tomorrow. It's not acceptable, but sometimes you have to shift your priorities a bit. So, yes, you will have long papers like that, but not every single week, and you'll know about it way in advance. It takes a lot of time. For engineering, we were able to pick lab partners and having like-minded classmates helped me a ton. Check out our traffic stats here!
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